Why should I hire a professional real estate photographer?

Professional real estate photos make it easy to attract serious buyer attention by helping your listing stand out among other search results on the MLS. The first thumbnail image will determine if the buyer will click on your listing or pass it over.

Professional real estate photos attracts more home sellers that want them to list with that realtor. Homeowners see the benefits of the photos and want it to be used on their home.

Professional photography is inexpensive and has a big payback when marketing a property. It has been proven that professional photos help sell homes. See links below:

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Why You Might Need Professional Photos to Sell Your Home


Interior Photos

The photos on the left is a comparison between flash only and a flash/ambient. You will notice the room is overly bright and flashy with a lot of shadows. 

The photos on the right is a comparison between ambient only and flash/ambient. You will notice the blown out windows and less detail.

Exterior Photos

Skies should be blue and look natural. They should not be over exposed and light in color. If you're not digging a gloomy day the sky can be replaced with something to brighten your day.

Elevated Photos

The photo below are two different perspectives. Photos were taken at street level and elevated using a pole. Notice the street sign is no longer showing and you can see that this home has solar photovoltaic panels. Also, notice that there is less converging verticals. Pole Aerial Photography (PAP) is included with the Standard photography plan.